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Welcome to Four Elements Esthetics. Four Elements is a local, small business in Squamish BC owned operated by Lori Wilson. Lori offers a full service beauty studio located within a private residence in Squamish. Lori proudly boasts 20 years of experience within the spa industry. The “Four Elements” in the name represents the four fundamental elements; earth, air, water, and fire. Lori incorporates those elements into the services that she offers.

Within Four Elements, Lori makes every effort to provide generous and hospitable service to her clients - a service that accommodates their needs in a private, relaxing environment, Lori’s aim is to consistently build trust and rapport with her clientele, She accomplishes this by offering incredible services at reasonable rates, and by constantly making out-of-this-world customer service a top priority. It’s no wonder that the majority of her new clients are the result of referrals from happy customers.

Lori is a highly-trained and experienced spa professional who is dedicated to providing each and every one of her clients with incredible, outstanding and extraordinary service. She tries to ensure that each and every one of her customers leaves her private oasis beautified, rejuvenated and relaxed.


Lori’s mission is to change the way we think about beauty. Rather than defining beauty as something pleasing to the eye, Lori thinks of beauty as something that’s felt. Beauty starts within, and its very last layer is our exterior. When Lori works with you on enhancing your beauty, she start within (creating a peaceful, relaxing environment that calms the mind and nerves) and works to the exterior.


Four Elements is a quiet sanctuary where you are the only one who matters - where both men and women feel relaxed in a private setting and confidentiality is respected. Four Elements Esthetics exists to help you feel whole and balanced. Lori is dedicated to making a difference.


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Four Elements Esthetics Hours: M-F 9:00am - 7:00pm / Call 604-892-4156

*Evening and weekend appointments available upon request.*

Call: 604-892-4156



Call: 604-892-4156


40409 Perth Drive ,

Squamish, BC

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